08/01/2020Danimer Scientific and Genpak Partner to Launch New Line of Biodegradable Food Packaging
08/01/2020Unilever and Notplase join forces to avoid single-use plastic
08/01/2020New thermoformable sheet 100% rPET PCR
19/12/2019GEA presents its recyclable cardboard tray.
19/12/2019KHS presents the first bottle for 100% rPETy recyclable juice
19/12/2019SIG offers beverage cartons with economy circular polymers from recycled plastic waste
18/12/2019AIJU, AINIA and AIMPLAS participate in a project aimed at studying the possible toxicity of food contact materials.
16/12/2019Futamura (JP) launches the first compostable and microwavable film.
16/12/2019Carlsberg issues latest Green Fibre Bottle update
16/12/2019Oxygen sequestrant additive for PET bottles
09/12/2019P Films reaches an agreement with Vidror for the supply of post-consumer PET
29/11/2019Sealable aluminum foil on glass for premium yogurts
29/11/2019Clariant presents a new oxygen scavenging additive for PET bottles.
21/11/2019Keel Clip™, alternative to plastic rins for beverage cans.
21/11/2019PET bottle produced from waste marine bottles
20/11/2019Biodegradable Bottle made of Biodegradable Resin with Nano Cellulose Composite Material
20/11/2019PE flexible films recycling: new findings for functional barriers – EVOH properties tested
19/11/2019Fraunhofer - IWKS shows applications for a new polymer raw material made from food residues, which is not only bio-based but also biodegradable: HyperBioCoat
19/11/2019Mitsui Chemicals Group's Bio-Polypropylene produced from biomass unlike other major resins
19/11/2019New foamed PP packaging
19/11/2019Borges ecodesigns its PET bottles to reduce its environmental impact.
07/11/2019Active packaging against listeriosis
30/10/2019Carlsberg develops a cellulose-based bottle for beer
24/10/2019New closure for bricks wich offers with a more sustainable and easy-to-use reclosable solution.
21/10/2019Henkel launches an adhesive to avoid the use of shrink film on pallets.
21/10/2019UPM Raflatac launches a new wood-based polypropylene film material.
21/10/2019High quality printing labells made from recycled PE.
21/10/2019Borealis and Mondi collaboration generates a new monomaterial polypropylene-based packaging solution for meat and dairy products more easily recyclable.
18/10/2019New bio-based thermoplastic adhesive
18/10/2019REPSOL WILL PRESENT at K 2019 its initiatives in innovation and circular economy
17/10/20193d printing works to mimic the structure of wood
16/10/2019New thermoformable PBT
23/09/2019LatCub, ring grouper for cans made from cardboard
10/09/2019Sidel presents X-LITE Still, a new design that allows to reduce the weight in 500ml PET Bottles
10/09/2019Bericap replaces silicone valve with thermoplastic elastomer valves (TPE)
05/09/2019New PP monomaterial package
02/09/2019Tetrapak lauches to the market paper straws
02/09/2019New CPET trays obtained from coloured PET post-consumer
28/08/2019Bio-Peel, blends waste orange peels with biodegradable materials to create a new strong, malleable and environmentally friendly packaging.
27/08/2019Walki®Pack D, a tall oil-based barrier solution, developed especially for packaging washing powders.
27/08/2019Klöckner Pentaplast works with Petcore Europe to prove tray to tray recycling
27/08/2019100% rPET bottles
27/08/2019VTT to add new methods to the plastics recycling chain
27/08/2019Food packaging made of coloured paper and cardboard may contain and release harmful chemicals
18/07/2019Uniq launches its carton tray for fruits and vegetables.
17/07/2019Proposal from European Chemical Agengy) for restricting the use of microplastics
12/07/2019AINIA develops a new tray for fresh food with 90% less plastic
10/07/2019Innovative refilling system to reuse CIF packaging
09/07/2019Paper wrap for YES! snack bars
09/07/2019Cascades and Sonoco together to produce paper and cardboard with good barrier, recyclable and compostable
09/07/2019Plasma-based technology for boosting gas and water vapour barrier on plastic fims
08/07/2019Unilever's recyclable black bottles
03/07/2019Imperial academics have developed low-cost, smartphone-linked, eco-friendly spoilage sensors for meat and fish packaging.
03/07/2019Parkside launches Compostable vacuum skin pack (VSP) Film Laminate
02/07/2019Lidl, first supermarket to eliminate plastic bags for fruit and vegetables and offer 100% biocomposable bags
26/06/2019Hinojosa, ULMA and Bemis launch a new skin packaging for sustainable food packaging
26/06/2019The Basel Convention agrees to restrict trade in plastic waste
25/06/2019Repsol, best polymer producer in Europe for the fourth consecutive year
25/06/2019The European Directive on the impact of plastics on the environment is finally approved
20/06/2019Published the directive that regulates the single-use plastics.
17/06/2019New packaging incorporating up to 80% of recycled plastic material
17/06/2019Corona Fitpack, a solution to avoid grouping plastic for cans.
17/06/2019"Plastic Rehab", TED Talk to think over plastic packaging.
12/06/2019Waitrose launches a compostable paper-based microwabable package for ready-means developed by Huhtamaki.
11/06/2019New package for berries consisting on a thermosealable wood pulp tray and a plastic film as lid.
11/06/2019MeetingPack 2019 ends with a great success, bringing together more than 300 attendees of the most relevant companies
11/06/2019Recyclable black bottles
16/07/2018Prestige, a new line of sustainable and 100% recyclable wine bottle separators.
10/07/2018SealedAir presents new biobased packaging for perishable foods.
09/07/2018Gea, a new compostable coffee capsule made 100% of Ingeo
09/07/2018Composite materials from natural residues.

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