10/05/2022Hubergroup launches new oxygen barrier coatings for flexible mono-material food packaging
06/05/2022Researchers create a temperature insulation system for packaging inspired by squid skin
06/05/2022Two Spanish startups advance in the launch of smart labels against food waste
04/05/2022Refour offers a single-material, recyclable packaging material that is a barrier to air and moisture
03/05/2022The new generation of Paboco cellulosic bottles already has paper caps
03/05/2022Archroma launches a new fluorinated-free coating for paper-based barrier packaging for food
29/04/2022Hispack 2022 Barcelona 
29/04/2022Sappi introduces a new heat-sealable paper for translucent packaging
28/04/2022I National Congress on Plastic Recycling
26/04/2022Greiner Packaging launches a thermoformed cup with in-mould labeling
26/04/2022PAPACKS continues to promote its plastic-free fiber bottle for food and beverages
20/04/2022AINIA creates for Coffee Productions a compostable capsule for coffee that also disintegrates in the marine environment
19/04/2022SIG launches SIGNATURE EVO the first aluminum free high barrier aseptic carton
13/04/2022Aeons is the first company to package olive oil in cardboard-based bottles
06/04/2022The University of Cantabria develops a magnetic catalyst for the recovery of PET components
06/04/2022Scandicore launches the first paper covers for cardboard tubes of the world
04/04/2022Albéa fuses plugs and tube heads for minimize weight
31/03/2022Scalize allows you to optimize the dimensions of a packaging by software, saving economic and environmental costs
29/03/2022ULMA will present pack groupers with labels
25/03/2022Waddington Europe launches a new recyclable mono-material tray for fresh meat and fish
23/03/2022QUPP launches coffee cups with built-in stirrer, free of plastic and recyclables
23/03/2022Premier Food will use shorter tubes to pack its powdered gravy without reducing the amount of product
21/03/2022MIT develops a compound based on cellulose, stronger than bone and could be used in packaging
15/03/2022EMSUR launches new recyclable sleeve-type labels for bottles
08/03/2022Heartland and Ravago will collaborate to offer hemp additives that reduce the carbon footprint of plastics
02/03/2022C P Flexible Packaging develops compostable stand-up pouch with zip closure for Georgian Bay Granola
02/03/2022A British company develops the first refillable toothpaste dispenser with biodegradable capsules
28/02/2022Instabrew offers coffee in cubes wrapped in laminates compostable
25/02/2022Bremnes Seashore will pack salmon in BASF recycled EPS boxes
22/02/2022Packaging Digest interviews the creator of magnetic inks that facilitate the separation of shrink labels in recycling
21/02/2022The Ecological Transition Commission approves the Waste Law with allegations. It is tested in Congress.
21/02/2022Coveris creates monomaterial PE pouches for Tesco's grated cheese
14/02/2022Notpla creates papers that integrate up to 30% of algae by-product materials
14/02/2022Researchers develop a biodegradable and antimicrobial packaging material that extends the life of fresh fruits
09/02/2022Jones Healthcare Group launches new blister packs made of bioPET for medicine packaging
07/02/2022CurvCode digital watermark reaches Dutch markets on Multivac fish packaging
02/02/2022Empa and Lidl develop a protective cellulose coating for fruits and vegetables
02/02/2022Melodea offers recyclable cellulose packaging with a biobased barrier coating
31/01/2022Primaflor introduces a plastic-free compostable salad container
24/01/2022Suntory presents a prototype bottle made up of 100% bioPET
24/01/2022Ampacet launches OdorClear, odor-absorbing masterbatches to facilitate the use of post-consumer recycled material.
11/01/2022Naya will use mycelium packaging for her products cosmetics
11/01/2022Delifactory Originia Foods presents the first condensed milk in 100% recyclable monolayer PET packaging
05/01/2022ILLIG creates a new monomaterial packaging for salads that integrates a container for dressing in the lid
03/01/2022Stora Enso minimizes plastic coating on food service paper cups
03/01/2022The portable scanner to identify plastics "Plastic Scanner" has been one of the winners of the James Dyson Awards
28/12/2021Amcor has announced a technological breakthrough for recycling 50 ml plastic bottles
21/12/2021COEXPAN presents new recyclable packaging that increases the useful life of food
20/12/2021PLMA's Private Label Trade Show
07/12/2021The FDA approves a Starlinger recycling method that would allow the generation of 100% rPEAD bottles for food use
03/12/2021A new powder dosing system has been developed that can be applied in pouches
01/12/2021Central Lechera Asturiana launches the first bottle with zero net emissions certified by AENOR
29/11/2021Gousto launches bouillon cubes in edible pea-based wrappers
29/11/2021Gentlebrand designs a 100% rPET water bottle with a new label concept
25/11/2021Teagasc manages to generate bioplastics from blood hemoglobin
22/11/2021Pascual launches the first bottle of milk on the Spanish market made up of plant-based material
18/11/2021Astellas will use bio-based plastics for its pharmaceutical product blisters
16/11/2021Smurfit Kappa presents a bag-in-box bag whose mouthpiece is composed of bioPP
16/11/2021KIMW develops an injection material based on cellulose fibers
09/11/2021Mondi presents a monomaterial autoclavable pouch for food packaging
02/11/2021Canovation presents its cans with threaded mouths in PACK EXPO Las Vegas
02/11/2021Toppan develops a new flexible role with water vapor barrier coating
28/10/2021Splash Beverage packs its Pulpoloco sangria in a cardboard based can, CartoCan
28/10/2021Alexir Partnership presents a carton pack reclosable whose lid serves as a food meter
25/10/2021BASF launches a new range of additives that improves the properties of recycled plastics
20/10/2021Ahlstrom Munksjö launches PureBarrier, a monomaterial barrier to cellulose-based gases
20/10/2021Fych presents its patented technology at South Summit 2021 to recycle multilayer packaging mechanically
18/10/2021EMPACK, will be held in Madrid on November 24 and 25, 2021, in Hall 9, IFEMA
13/10/2021PlasticsEurope, in favor of the obligation to include 30% of recycled plastic in plastic packaging by 2030
13/10/2021Pak to Earth develops Twelve8 technology to generate conventional plastic packaging with accelerated biodegradation
08/10/2021Elliott Absorbent Products develops absorbent pads ultrafine to extend the shelf life of fresh meat and fish
06/10/2021Bauck begins to pack some of his cereals in paper pouches
06/10/2021Campden BRI develops a new method of plasma packaging sterilization
04/10/2021They develop a new bioplastic from nanocellulose and handle that can extend the shelf life of food
04/10/2021Unilever patents a method to be able to generate packages with recycled material whose color is analogous to virgin
27/09/2021Elopak launches Pure-Pak eSense, an aseptic carton that does not require aluminum
21/09/2021Chemical Recycling Workshop
15/09/2021Stratasys facilitates the generation of prototypes of packaging thanks to its 3D printing solutions
15/09/2021Parent's Choice will use tamper evident plugs Gualapack to close your baby food pouches
13/09/2021Coveris launches bags for cereals composed only by polyethylene and recyclable
10/09/2021Sealpac and its partners develop a new recyclable packaging for Bigler sliced ​​meats
08/09/2021Nestlé presents two packaging innovations for mineral water Vittel
08/09/2021ITC Savlon presents a packaged hand soap compressible
06/09/2021Unilever and Tubex present a tube for cosmetic samples composed entirely of recycled material.
01/09/2021The European trade fair for packaging, technology and processes takes place from September 28 to 30, 2021, in Nuremberg, Germany.
01/09/2021Stora Enso launches microwave-safe wood fiber-based trays
05/08/2021An investigation from the University of Twente allows to generate coatings recyclables that could replace metallization in plastics
02/08/2021The KTH Royal Institute of Technology develops a high temperature resistant biobased foam
31/08/2020The WPO publishes a report on packaging trends in function of its winners
23/07/2020Ticinoplast(IT) presents a range of biobasted films for packaging
16/07/2018Prestige, a new line of sustainable and 100% recyclable wine bottle separators.
10/07/2018SealedAir presents new biobased packaging for perishable foods.
09/07/2018Gea, a new compostable coffee capsule made 100% of Ingeo
09/07/2018Composite materials from natural residues.

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