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Kraft Heinz and Pulpex collaborate to develop paper-based ketchup bottles

Renewable, recyclable and made of 100% sustainable material derived from wood pulp.

Pulpex claims that the footprint would be smaller than for glass or plastic bottles. It is expected that they can be recycled in the paper stream.

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Smurfit Kappa introduces AquaStop, a new 100% recyclable and waterproof paper

It resists water thanks to the application of a coating during production. The coating does not affect recycling. Resists water, humidity and condensation.
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SP Group includes in its Eco range a recyclable and sterilizable high-barrier vacuum packaging solution for food

It combines the PP HB ECOTOP lid with the RST B ECO thermoformable bottom, generating a high-barrier, sterilizable and recyclable solution.

It would replace conventional PA/PP or PA/PP EVOH coextrusions. High resistance to puncture and mechanical in general.

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Amcor develops the PowerPost method to generate lighter PET bottles

Bottles 30% lighter than current ones. It allows the use of up to 100% recycled materials in its composition.

Avoid spills due to overfilling. Most advanced technology for hot filling of beverages. Extension of PowerStrap vacuum absorber technology.

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Sidel presents PressureSAFE, a line of recyclable PET aerosol packaging

Pressurized aerosol designed to be used by brands of home and personal care products. Alternative to traditional metal aerosols, and can be recycled in the PET flow.

They maintain structural safety and protection against leaks and breakage.

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Bower Collective launches the first reusable pouch with built-in tracking system

The packaging's dispenser has a non-return valve so that, once the product is finished, no dirt or contaminants can enter. Just replace the cap and send the empty container to the origin to be reconditioned and refilled.

Reath digital passport, which gives an identity to each container. The batch of the product can be known at any time. Access to how many times it has been filled.

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Byodo offers sauces in 100% recycled aluminum tubes

Sauces (mustard, mayonnaise and tomato paste) in 100% recycled aluminum tubes. Until now, mainly for cosmetic packaging, but the development of a special alloy allows it to also package food.

Byodo is the first in the industry to package sauces in aluminum tubes

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Grupo IAN and AINIA work on a biodegradable packaging project that supports thermal processes for prepared foods

Biodegradable barrier packaging, suitable for heat treatments, for a line of cooked foods. The preparation processes will be adapted to the new containers, maintaining quality.

According to tests, PHA has been the material with the greatest potential for packaging.

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Tetra Pak tests to replace the aluminum barrier layer of the cartons with paper barriers

Something pioneer in food cartons that are distributed at room temperature. A first batch of commercial test packaging has already been produced in order to validate the technology before the end of this year.
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TIPA and G.Mondini team up to develop paper-based trays lined with Paperseal compostable film

Films for wet, cold, frozen and fresh foods. Barrier against oxygen and humidity.

The packaging can be deposited together with organic waste if there is a corresponding flow. If it does not exist, the film is easily separated manually.

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