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SP Group and Atkins & Potts partner to develop 100% recyclable bags

SP Group and Atkins & Potts are advancing sustainability, with the creation of a new line of flexible packaging. After a year of testing to ensure the right sauce packaging, Atkins & Potts has launched its new range of sauces in the doypack bag. These packaging has been custom made for the British company using 100% recyclable material.

The packaging can be subjected to temperatures up to 100oC, resisting thermal treatments such as pasteurization, hot filling and microwaved processes.

According to the various product life cycle tests to which these liquid packaging has been subjected, this material behaves the same as the most polluting traditional material structures.

The final product has been endorsed by the OPR (The On-Pack Recycling Label), a British guarantee that facilitates the recognition of materials used in flexible liquid packaging and ensures a higher recycling rate in consumers.

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